Version 1.5

  • Trakt Sync v2. ReelTime now syncs your watchlist and watched history better than ever before.
  • Trakt profile pictures are now displayed throughout the app.
  • Added a new user onboarding experience.
  • Watchlist is now sortable by date added.
  • Watched list is now sortable by date watched.
  • TV shows and movie details now indicate tracked or watched status.
  • Behind list now includes watchlist items.
  • List selection and sort options are now remembered between app launches.
  • Fixed a bug where tapping on a buy, stream, or rent result would open a blank page.

Version 1.4

New Default Icon

ReelTime has a brand new default icon! Made by Matthew Skiles, it perfectly combines all of the elements of ReelTime into a wonderful image. It has a reel. It has a time reference. It has TV antennae. It has yellow. It’s amazing, and I hope that you’ll love it as much as I do.

TV Progress List

This new list shows your most recently watched TV shows, along with your overall progress for a given show. Perfect for when you’re racing to finish a show before it comes back on the air.

Watched Date & Time

Forget to mark something as watched on the day of? No problem. Now when marking something as watched, you can easily set the date and time.


  • The combined “watch now” section for movies and TV shows has been split up into buy, stream, and rent.
  • The “behind” calculation for TV shows has been changed. Now, as long as you’ve watched all aired episodes in the latest season, you’ll be considered caught up.
  • Progress bars have been added to the “behind” and “caught up” TV show lists, giving you a clear indication of your watched status.

Version 1.3.1

Jan 18, 2022

  • Fixed bug where some library filters would incorrectly display “list has no results”.
  • Fixed bug where activity indicators wouldn’t display when launching the app.

Version 1.3

Dec 28, 2021

New Library Lists:

  • Watched: Movies that you’ve watched.
  • Caught Up: TV shows that you’re caught up on.
  • Behind: TV shows that you’re behind on.
  • Rated: Movies and TV shows that you’ve rated.
  • Unrated: Movies and TV shows that you haven’t rated.

List Filtering:

Filter any library list by the contents of another library list. Looking for only upcoming TV shows that you’re caught up on? Tap the filter button and find what you’re looking for.

List Sorting:

Sort your watchlist and library by date and title. Sort any other library list by ascending or descending.

Search your library, and many other lists throughout the app. Search by row title or subtitle.

Version 1.2.1

Oct 19, 2021

  • Added a share button to the poster viewer.
  • Fixes an issue where Trakt would sometimes fail to sync.

Version 1.2

Oct 8, 2021


  • Poster Viewer See full-sized posters by tapping on them in detail views.

  • Reviews (Trakt Only) Add and see existing star ratings to your movies and TV shows.

  • Watched Progress (Trakt Only) See your watched progress in TV detail views.

  • Quick Action: Watch All Season Episodes (Trakt Only) Mark all episodes in a season as watched or not watched.


  • Fixed tab bar styling in iOS 15.
  • Fixed action sheet crashes on iPads running iOS 13.
  • Fixed release notifications being scheduled for deleted library items.

Version 1.1

Sep 24, 2021

  • iOS 15 support
  • Redesigned movie and TV show detail headers
  • Further improvements to Trakt sync
  • Added a history list that displays your watched history
  • Fixed an issue where marking episodes as watched took a long time
  • Fixed an issue where some episode titles would be blank
  • Fixed an issue where some library items wouldn’t refresh in the background
  • Added two new tabs for viewing your movies and TV shows
  • The primary tab now remembers the last list you selected

Version 1.0.1

Sep 13, 2021

Improvements to Trakt sync. Initial sync is faster, and although you can’t see background library syncing, improvements have been made there as well.

Initial Release

Version 1.0

Sep 9, 2021